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● Being depressed about being overweight?
● Not fitting into your clothes?
● Starting yet another diet that is destined to fail?
● Trouble spots just don’t go away?
● Not having enough energy to keep up with your busy lifestyle?

We guarantee that you will reach your fitness and fat loss goals by training with one of our highly qualified trainers. We want you to succeed as much as you do, so much so that if you do not reach the goals we set for you, we will give you your money back!

Lose Fat, Tone Up and Get Into Killer Shape with St Johns Wood Personal Trainer. See the Amazing Success Stories… FREE to Try!


“I’ve Lost 6Ibs And 5cm At The Waist Level”

Lanthe M.

“I Have Kept On With Both Diet And Training As It Seems A Pretty Good Habit To Keep!”

James S.

“Not Only Did The Team Help Me Far Exceed My Goals, They Actually Made Exercise Fun”

    Testimonial Picture of George (2)
    “I've lost 6Ibs and 5cm at the waist level”

    I’m extremely pleased with my Fitness Revolution program and strongly recommend it. Hence, I’ve decided to keep on training at Fitness Revolution after my program finished. Go try it and I’m sure it’ll be the same for you.

    You’ll find a very professional and experienced team and most importantly good fun to train with. Thanks to Fitness Revolution, I’ve lost 6lbs and 5cm at the waist level. I also feel more energetic and sharper at work.


1-on-1 HITT

HIIT Boxing will undoubtedly improve your endurance and cardiovascular fitness, tone muscles and shred your abs if you practice consistently with power and precision. Not only can you burn as many as 500 calories in a 30 minute session, but you will perform moves that tone your body unlike most cardio workouts do. Twisting moves like cross punches that tone abs and oblique’s. Punches that target arms and back and lots lots More.


Free HITT session
  • Goal and fitness assessment
  • Nutrition consultation

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Tired of not getting the results you want in large classes or croweded gyms? Need a training program designed just for you? Private sessions with Fitness Revolution are tailored to fit YOUR personal fitness goals. Through our complimentary session, you feel comfortable getting to know your trainer and how our services can help reach your goals.

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Our Programs

1-on-1 Box Fit

HITT Boxing is for anyone of any age and all levels of fitness.

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6-Week “Inch Loss”

6 week program designed to make you lose max inches!

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12 week “Body Transformation”

Make a full transformation!

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see what our clients have to say!

    “I have lost inches around my waist and my face is thinner”

    Four months ago I took a chance and walked into Fitness Revolution. I felt welcomed and energised from the first day I stepped in the door. My training sessions with Imran, Mark and Anne Marie have been absolutely fantastic. I wanted to be pushed and challenged to my limits and they definitely rose to the occasion! We also have a lot of laughs too.

    I have lost inches around my waist and my face is thinner, I have definition in my arms and legs and greater confidence in myself. In fact, I have just completed a challenging cycle trip from London to Paris and there is no doubt in my mind that my ride was largely successful due to the physical and psychological strength I have gained at Fitness Revolution. Training there has definitely been a life-changing experience. I’m back to loving fitness again.

    Jennifer Chattington
    “All in all a very positive, fun and valuable experience”

    I joined the studio because I wanted to look slimmer and fitter for my daughter’s wedding in 3 months. After only a few sessions I could notice positive results. I felt energised, my muscles were toned and I no longer felt tight in my clothes. It was very rewarding and boosted my motivation.

    My trainers are very professional, supportive, dedicated and encouraging. They designed a progressive and varied programme for me and were attentive to avoid anything that could be hurtful for the joints.There was also a day to day follow up of my food intake and useful recommendations that enabled me to shed a few pounds in a short time. All in all a very positive, fun and valuable experience.

    Cecile Petit
    “In just 2 months of training with Imran... I shed over 16 pounds”

    I joined Fitness Revolution in St John’s Wood when I moved back to London after spending three years in New York. The New York lifestyle had taken its toll on my body and I wanted to lose some weight and tone up before my wedding in August. In just 2 months of training with Imran and the rest of the team, I shed over 16 pounds. Through a combination of intense cardio training and strength exercises, I was able to reach my weight goals, while maintaining muscle mass and generally feeling healthier and having more energy. The team keep the workouts interesting and challenging, which helps keep me motivated to achieve my goals. I think personal fitness is hugely important to leading a healthy, fulfilling life and if you can enjoy yourself while keeping fit, well that’s even better.

    Chris Arnold


More Than Results Money-back Guarantee!

We guarantee that you will reach your fitness and fat loss goals by training with one of our highly qualified trainers. We want you to succeed as much as you do, so much so that if you do not reach the goals we set for you. We will give you your money back. How can I make such a bold statement? Easy… I have assembled the best personal trainers in St. John’s Wood. We DO NOT use boring fitness routines. We DO NOT just count reps. We DO NOT just make it up as we go.