Make the most of your workouts with a St Johns Wood Personal Trainer


Most of the population live in a high-pressure environment and we have to make daily choices among things which are absolutely essential and those which are just fluffy wishes.

Most of the time making exercise happen falls to the side-lines in the rush even if it is a thing that we need to do.

Often, we hoped that a pill exists  that would help people to lose weight and keep it off or we think to skip meals in order to  make it up for the skipped workout. However it doesn’t work like this because you have to make the workout happen if you want to lose weight or maintain weight.


You have to ask yourself the following question: are you planning to start working out or are you already in a fitness routine.

You have to know how long you need to work for and how hard you should push yourself during resistance exercises if you want to maximize the results you get from your workouts.


But How Much Time do I Need To Spend In The Gym?

You have to understand how long your workouts are going to last when you plan a new workout program. Amongst the several different sources that can provide information on this topic, some can be discouraging.

Many people think that they have to spend more time in the gym if they want to lose weight because they read these things in magazines or websites. You don’t need the pressure of trying to work out two hours at a time, it’s the last thing that you need because getting into a routine is hard enough.

Many people are deterred from ever getting started because they think they will have to require long sessions in the gym if they want to lose weight. However, the quality of your workout is more important that the quantity.

A lot of clients talk about how they would work out for long stretches but finally they don’t obtain the result that they wanted. However, the weight starts to come off when they begin to do workouts.

Most of the time people allow themselves to slip into autopilot mode when they work out for long amounts of time because they are not able to keep their focus and intensify at a peak level.

You have to push yourself for the whole workout instead of going along at a comfortable pace on a treadmill if you want to maximize the number of calories you burn during a workout.

Moreover, your body is going to adjust to your routine if you slip into autopilot and you’re going to burn even fewer calories regardless the many hours that you spend in the gym and you won’t see the results that you hope.

Here are some solutions to these problems:

  1. A group setting and the presence of an instructor is the best for workouts because it allows everyone to stay focused on the workout.
  2. People are able to push themselves to the end when they know how long the workout is going to last.
  3. Because you need to regularly set new challenges you do to vary the exercises and structures of our workouts because you will decrease the effectiveness of your workouts if you’re bored.

If you are fully focused and pushing yourself for every minute, you will be very satisfied with the amount of progress you’re able to make even if 3 hours a week may not sound like much.

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