3 Reasons to Do Resistance Exercises

 St Johns Wood blog by Imran Ilahi

Many people who do cardio exercises regularly are still struggling to lose weight because they’re not doing any type of resistance exercise and think that they have to do more cardio to continue losing weight.

If you want to be successful in your weight loss, you don’t have to overlook the muscle. Here are 3 reasons for which you have to include resistance exercises in your weight loss plan.

1. Burn More Calories

Numerous products try to increase their sales by saying that you can burn more calories even if you don’t work out. But you don’t need them to do that, the only thing that you have to do is to carry out resistance exercises in order to add more muscle in your body.


Your body has to spend more energy to maintain muscle than it does to maintain fat and it means that it’s really possible to increase the amount of burn’s calories. When you use more energy it means that you burn more calories because calories are a measurement of energy.


2. Look Leaner

Thanks to the density of muscle, because it takes up less space than fat, each pound that you shift is a step towards a leaner look.

Even if you don’t see any progress in weight loss, you could notice a physical change because for example you can exchange 7 pounds of fat for muscle and don’t progress in your weight loss but will see improvements in your appearance. It’s the reason why you don’t have to judge your weight loss progress by looking at a scale. Moreover you can use other tools such as monthly pictures and having body fat measured which will help you avoid getting discouraged.

The muscle is a determining factor for woman who want to achieve the lean and toned look and the impact is not limited to men. Women don’t have enough testosterone to naturally build big muscles.  Therefore, lifting weights and adding muscle won’t lead to a bulky figure.

3. Be Healthier

Resistance exercises have positive consequences on your quality of life but also on your health.

A study at the University of California shown that when you add muscle to your body it could directly decrease the risk of diabetes. Loseing weight have some positive consequences on your health and adding muscle.

To deal with medical conditions, another university found that muscle can help people. Indeed, when you suffer a serious injury, it involves a lot of stress on your body and researchers shown that some people were more successful to manage this increase demand because of their important muscle mass. This study found too that it is also true for most of chronic diseases.

Conclusion: How Can You Get the Most Out of Resistance Exercises?

It’s important to make resistance exercises as effective as possible because they play a vital role in your weight loss plan:

Even if you don’t need to keep a track of every details of your workouts, you can use a log which allow you to write your progress and continue to challenge you. Moreover, you can use your mobile to take notes and evaluate much weight you should use during your next workout.


You have to embrace variety to rotating the muscle you work and get enough rest to give your muscle the time to recover between workouts. It will give you the best results and avoid you overtraining.






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