5 Marketing scams that won’t get you a flat stomach

Summer is around the corner and it’s now you have to think about your training and nutrition if you really want to achieve your goals by the summer. There’s money to be made from people who are desperate to shed their body fat ready for their holidays and the summer months so in this blog I will list 5 marketing scams that will not help you achieve your goals so you don’t waste your time or money.

1)     Fat burning Pills

People want to believe there is a quick fix to looking and feeling great so are easily sold on diet pills. There expensive and they don’t work effectively. Instead strip body fat and stay lean and healthy through regular intense exercise. Not only will you improve your body composition but you will increase cardiovascular health too.

2)     Sit ups everyday isn’t the answer

Many people are led to believe that performing sit up or crunches is what’s needed to reveal tight abs. This is a big mistake leading to disappointment. Big compound exercises such as front squats, deadlifts, over head presses and pull ups are the best way to build a solid core. Then you need to incorporate high intensity cardiovascular work to further help strip the layer of abdominal fat away to expose your chiselled mid section.

3)     Weight loss and Fad Diets

There a plenty of companies who release pre packed diets marketing them as low fat or low calorie meals. They often contain refined sugars or artificial ingredients that your body can’t use effectively. Stick to whole foods to ensure your body receives all the nutrients it needs to function and burn body fat.

4)     Avoiding Carbohydrates to burn fat

Don’t avoid carbohydrates all together; your body needs them for fuel. Stick to eating complex carbohydrates for higher energy levels such as sweet potatoes, quinea and bulgar wheat for slow sustained energy release and to keep blood sugar levels stable.

5)     Making yourself Hungry

This is a very common mistake. People who cut their calories drastically in an effort to lose weight, slow there metabolism down, they become irritable and much more likely to binge of refined sugars. If you don’t give your body the nutrients it needs it can’t function properly. Eat smaller nutritious meals throughout the day.

Avoid the 5 marketing scams above and you will save money and time in achieving a tight defined torso. Below are 3 simple points you need to be aware of in order to achieve your goals.

1)     No Processed foods

Cut out processed foods. Clear your kitchen out of junk food so you aren’t tempted and remind yourself of your goals and why you want to achieve it.

2)     Eat Nutritious Foods

Only consume whole foods such as fresh vegetables, whole grains, raw nuts, lean meats and fish. Keep your diet clean.

3)     Train efficiently

Train efficiently with me. Take all the guess work out of your workout programming and cut the time it takes to achieve anything in half by training with a professional.

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