5 things that stop you from losing weight

1: You’re Mind

When you want to achieve a goal, your mind is always your number 1 ally. In opposition, if your mind isn’t set for success, it’s more likely to drag your efforts down than to help you.

  • Take the time to picture yourself looking how you’ve always wanted, and visualise yourself in that ideal weight.
  • Immediately reject any negativity that comes to mind that goes against your goals.
  • You WANT to be fit, but you THINK of yourself as fat. Try place the thought in your mind that you ARE fit and you ARE attractive, this would help you to act as so, and boost yourself to head towards your goals.
  • Stop believing that you can’t achieve that body of your dreams, picture it on yourself and GO FOR IT!

2: Fear

You might not even know that you are afraid of the changes you would have to go through in order to lose weight. Until you have triumph over this fear, you are disrupting your goals of losing weight.

Anthony Robbins, An author and professional speaker has outlined the specific three beliefs that you must have in order to conquer your fear:

  • You need to BELIEVE that something MUST change! You can’t be week about it. It’s not something to take into consideration. You can’t even be “pretty sure”. It has to be 100% certified that you WILL!
  • Believing that YOU are what needs to be changed. You are responsible for your own weight loss, and need to take action upon that. In the end it is you who is going to make it happen. Make it your personal mission.

3: Excuses

Excuses are really getting old, especially when it comes to losing weight. If you take action now and not make excuses, you will have the advantage in the long run. Excuses can ruin your life… don’t let it!

  • Do not let go of your responsibilities with excuses, always expect more from your self.
  • Always keep your mind set on the big picture of why you want to achieve your goal and focus on it. Make a list of all the advantages losing weight has to come with it, and read it to yourself every morning, this will help motivate you.
  • Always remember that there are only two things you can have: results or excuses. Which do you want?

4: Commitment

For some reason people have a fear of commitment, that’s why you keep abandoning your goals. If you honestly want to lose weight then you must stick to it till the end.

  • There is a bridge between failure and success, and that bridge is called commitment. Don’t give up until you have passed the bridge of success and achieve your goals.
  • Find your times, make your schedule, mark it on your calendar and stick to it like it is as important as your business meetings, you will never skip another appointment.
  • You can’t fail if you don’t give up.

5: You’re Diet

To be as straight forward as possible, stop eating junk food!  Why don’t you replace this junk with foods that are healthier for you and help you to achieve weight loss? Such as whole grains, lean meats, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

  • Processed are unfortunately accepted by our society, even though they contain empty calories and heaps of chemicals that make you fat and sick. Do not eat them!
  • The caloric density of fat is twice as much as proteins and carbohydrates, so eat less of it, and more of them.
  • Fiber and antioxidants are great for losing weights, snack on fruits and nuts.

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