7 ways of staying lean and healthy

When you have worked hard and reached your original goal you now have to stay focused and keep it on. This blog will look at 7 ways of staying lean and maintaining a healthy body.

1)      Keep Active

Don’t forget how you achieved your goals in first place. It’s vital that a resistance program should form the cornerstone of your workouts with some form of interval training at the end of the session to enhance your fat burning capabilities. It is essential to have your nutrition plan become second nature while becoming more active in everyday life.


2)      Nutrition

Eating well is a lifestyle which you have to maintain to stay lean. Stick to basics of a well balanced nutritious diet. Cut out all processed foods, consume healthy fats from almonds avocados and eggs, lean protein from chicken, fish and lean red meat, lots of dark green vegetables and complex carbohydrates found in sweet potato.


3)      Avoid TV

Many people watch up to 35 hours of TV every week. Not only are you sitting down being inactive, it encourages snacking and a sedentary lifestyle. Get out and about and live life.


4)      Simplicity is Key

Your nutrition is not complicated; as long as you have a balanced diet you can eat similar meals to keep it simple.


5)      Keeping on Top

Make sure you keep on top of your weight management, weigh yourself every 2 weeks to monitor your progress.


6)      Eat for muscle tissue growth and not emotions

Eating emotionally is often the reason why people become overweight. Nutrition is to be used as fuel for your metabolism and muscle synthesis, eliminate emotional eating.


7)      Forget the slip up

You will have bad days for different reasons, life will get in the way and you may not have the time to workout etc. Do not let this discourage you, tomorrow is another day and you must get back on track straight away.

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