Can Resistance Training Help To Tone?

Blog By St Johns Wood Personal Trainer Imran Ilahi

Many people have been told that the way you do resistance exercises needs to change depending on your specific goals and that if they want to tone their bodies, they have to carry out a large amount of reps with light weights. However, this advice is incorrect because there is no difference between building and toning muscle. People build muscle and also get their body fat percentage down to a low level and it allows them to achieve a lean and toned look.

Muscle takes up less space than fat (fat takes up to about 25% more space than muscle) because muscle is compact and if you add it to your body you will look lean. Most of the time people don’t push themselves hard enough during their resistance exercises and this the reason why they are not able to get toned bodies they wanted. All type of resistance exercises will help you to add your muscle mass during the first couple months of working out but after it will be more complicated.

You have to begin by using heavier weights if you want  your body to become attractive and toned. However, you will be unable to tear down your muscles regardless of how many reps you do if you do all resistance exercises with 3 or 5 pounds dumbbells.

You have to use 3 sets of 8-12 reps for resistance exercises even if you can adjust based on what you feel works best for you. It means that you have to use a heavier weight when you’re able to use good form and finish every rep of every set.


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