Common problems that prevent us from reaching our fitness goals

It’s not easy getting lean, becoming fit, building muscle or getting strong, if it was everyone would be exactly that. Achieving your fitness goals and living life the way you want to sounds great. You know you are over weight or maybe your week and you want to do something about it, but you can never seem to make it apart of your life because of the challenges that life gives you. This blog will discuss some solutions you can adopt to over come these obstacles and achieve your fitness goals.


1)  Achieving your goals is hard work

Many people will evade hard work when it comes to working out, and instead pleasure them selves with treats. The best way around this scenario is to find something painful about being overweight. Use this emotion as your motivation and drive to successfully sustain a good nutrition plan and a work out program.


Think about all the negatives points of being overweight on your lifestyle, confidence and health and tell your self this pain far out weighs the pain of training hard and eating well.


2)  Portion Control

Portion control is something we face everyday. It’s our decision making when it comes to how much food we consume that effects the amount of body fat we carry. Our natural instincts tell us to consume plenty calories and keep eating, the fact is that these days we don’t need that much. Most of us lead fairly sedentary lifestyles so we need to control our portion sizes. Suggestions on how to over come this problem are listed below.

  • Eat at a slow pace to allow for digestion
  • Drink water with your meal
  • Eat a good amount of protein and vegetables  to help fill you up




3)   When Life gets Busy.

Life often gets very busy with work commitments and social events. The first thing that takes a backwards step is our fitness and nutrition programs, which is unfortunate. We need to realise the importance of staying healthy and getting enough sleep, working out regularly and eating whole foods should come first on your agenda, there is nothing more important than your health. Push your fitness to the top of list, plan things around your workouts and remind your self that exercise and healthy living is a necessity in life, you will feel better for it.


4)   You are worth it

It is often a vicious circle of low confidence, comfort eating and lack of exercise that keeps people from achieving their fitness goals. You have to start believing that you are worth it. You can achieve what you want this will give you a chance to get started and break those bad habits.

You deserve a lean healthy body so start believing and starting an exercise plan will be a lot easier.


5)   Do not be scared.

Failure is something everyone fears and most people often stay clear of things they may fall short of because of this fear of failure. Change can also worry people as they don’t like to be out side of their comfort zone but you have to stay on top of both these things and make the change for the better. Changes will have to happen to make you successful such as your nutrition plan, workout program, buying new clothes that fit and lifestyle changes like becoming more active. Always remind yourself that by achieving your goal and loosing body fat your life will change for the better.

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