Don’t do this if you want to reach your goals From A St Johns Wood Personal Trainer

You know I like to focus on the positive, right?


Well,  I’m going to tell you how NOT to reach your goals this year.


Because there’s one big mistake you can make that can push you into a HUGE trap – and you’ll end up feeling frustrated, burned out, and like a quitter.


Here’s how it happens:


You set some HUGE goals for the New Year (yay!!!!).


Starting NOW, you will finally get your you-know-what together.


You’ll drink ALL the water … eat super-clean food (and journal every bite) … be extra active … go to bed early … and get up even EARLIER.


But then a few days later you’re exhausted. You decide to sleep in … and you miss a workout … and then eat some cookies or crisps and decide not to journal your food anymore, because what’s the point?


That one day “off track” turns into two. Which turns into three. And … you know how it goes.


And that’s when it happens – you give up (boooo!).


It’s not because you lack the willpower or the drive. It’s because you overcommitted, or tried to do too much!


This is why coaches and trainers talk about SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-sensitive).


They take all your big awesome goals and boil them down into bite-sized chunks that you can actually accomplish without feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and like quitting!

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