Fitness in 2013

Although I am a firm believer in that there is no time like the present to start exercising and eating well, January offers a clean slate for everyone to asses how they feel and consider what they need to do to achieve there fitness goals.

It’s due to this reason that the health and fitness industry becomes very busy with new clients, all wanting to shed body fat, build lean muscle and feel more energetic and alert. You may want to achieve your goals in the New Year and build a more confident, stronger, fitter, leaner version of your self.

Below are 5 points that I think will happen over the next year for many people.

1)      2013 will be the year that many people will reach there fitness goals.

Obesity and type 2 diabetes are increasing along with cardiovascular disease, and the general public are starting realise the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. There is much more awareness of good nutrition and why processed foods are so damaging to you. People are also becoming aware of what exercise can do for you and the quality of life.


2013 will be the year that many people will live a healthier lifestyle. Due to the awareness and information available there is no excuse to start improving the quality and longevity of life.


2)      90% of people’s new years resolutions will fail.

This prediction may seem slightly discouraging to some people however, there are several reasons why this usually is the case, and I have some easy suggestions on how to avoid failure and achieve your New Years resolution.


People often set unrealistic goals that they are unlikely to achieve, there for end up giving up. The key to achieving your New Years fitness goals is to set your self smart attainable goals. Set out a plan so you know how you are going to achieve your target. For example:


  • Instead of simply stating your going to loose 15kg in 6 months, make a commitment to training 3-4 times a week.
  • Instead of saying I am going to cut out carbohydrates from my diet, commit to eating a healthy breakfast everyday and become organised with taking nutritious food to work to avoid eating out at lunch times.
  • Rather then saying your cutting all refined sugars out of your diet, set a realistic goal of eating well through out the week and having one cheat meal a week.
  • Set your self smaller but achievable goals. Instead of setting a target of dropping 4 dress sizes in as many months, commit to losing a 2kg every week until you reach the size you want.

New Year resolutions have to be attainable. You need a plan to achieve and sustain them. Setting smaller achievable goals is the best way to do it.

3)      We will fast track clients to achieving there fitness goals in 2013.

Our passion is helping clients change there life and achieve there goals. January is always an exciting time as we get to work with new clients and help them accomplish great things. Through hard work and dedication we love to accelerate every client’s achievements.


4)      Our system gets results for clients in 2013 fast!

Our programming and expertise accelerates client’s achievements. If a client uses our programming and nutrition strategies over the next year they will achieve there goals in 2013. Our programs are a built around tried and tested strategies, combined with cutting edge science and nutrition all personalised to the individual.


5)      Train with us in 2013 and your success if guaranteed.

By committing to us you will be among the 10% that will achieve their fitness goals in 2013. We are about getting results for our clients, we will help you strip body fat, build lean muscle tissue and make you feel great. If you train with us, 2013 will be a great year for you.

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