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There is allot of information available in regards to nutrition and fat loss. So much so that it becomes very confusing as information is contradicting its self leaving people perplexed at what exactly they should be doing. This blog will outline 5 foods that you should never eat in order to achieve a better body composition. I will then include healthy alternatives so you can make the swop and eat for success and achieve your goals.

1)   Do not eat FRIED FOOD

Frying food should be avoided at all costs. It offers no nutritional value to your body only serving up a big dose of fat and calories. By avoiding fried food you will be on the way to becoming leaner and healthier.
Instead of eating fried food, grill it instead and you will avoid that big serving of extra fat and calories. By grilling your food and making smart choices you can turn something unhealthy into a more nutritious but tasty meal. For example many people love to eat chips. If you really need some as a treat simply make your own by using sweet potato which is a slow release carbohydrate cut them into chips and drizzle some good quality olive oil onto them before putting them into the oven to cook.

2) Do not eat WHITE BREAD

Products such as white bread also have little nutritional value but what is worse the calories consumed from white bread will be released in one big dose. Your body will not be able to use all of this energy and is quickly turned into sugar by the body meaning it is much more likely to be stored as fat.

If you must have bread opt for whole meal bread which has a much better nutritional value then its white counterpart. The energy is secreted from whole meal bread slowly meaning that you are less likely to store it as fat.

3) Do not eat SALAD DRESSING

Salads can be very low in calories and full of good nutrients but avoid adding the high calorie dressing that will have you putting weight.

Instead opt for a drizzle of olive oil or vinegar dressing. They have a lower calorie count and add flavor to your salads. Make your own dressing using olive oil, lemon and fresh chilli.

4) DO not eat WHITE RICE
White rice is similar to white bread in terms of little nutritional value and being high in calories. Its high glycemic level will have you storing more fat around the body.

Instead switch to brown rice. Your body will receive more vitamin B and importantly will keep your blood sugar levels more constant.


Refined sugars are of course well known for storing fat and causing more serious health issues. Refined sugars should be avoided at all costs; your body does not need them.

Switch to fruits such as berries, grapefruits and apples. They also contain sugars however these sugars are naturally occurring and host high nutritional values. Things like blueberries and grapefruits are have lower sugar content and offer plenty antioxidants and fat burning properties.

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