Getting Past Mental Roadblocks

Most people wait around for motivation to drop into their laps. Well if your going to be doing that, then you’re going to be waiting for a long time. Motivation isn’t something that just pops out of thin air, it is something that you create for yourself.

If you feel unmotivated to achieve your goals, it is likely due to mental roadblocks that are holding you hostage. Here are 15 tips to prepare your mind for success:


  1. Visualising success is key to accomplishing your goals.
  2. You are your own roadblock, overcome self doubt and you will be successful.
  3. Forgive yourself and love yourself despite past failures.
  4. Set your priorities right, focus on the most important things.
  5. Fight negative thoughts as soon as it comes into your head.
  6. Give up the idea that things won’t go right unless you worry about them.
  7. If you bring the body of your dreams to the point of resolve, then you’ll soon be living in it.
  8. Look towards your future, if you believe the best is yet to come then it will be.
  9. Think success and you will become successful.
  10. The margin between success and failure is very small and easily bridged by determination.
  11. Always start your day by tackling the hardest challenges
  12. Break down your goals into smaller more attainable goals rather having one giant goal. After each micro goal has been achieved, your self confidence will be higher.
  13. Convince yourself that exercise is fun.
  14. Know your big reason why.
  15. Workout to music that motivates you and you will find your training sessions will be more enjoyable.

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