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Good nutrition and discipline forms the cornerstone to fat loss so it’s important we implement smart eating into our routine. Snacking during the day can have a positive effect on achieving better body composition for a number of reasons when its done correctly.

There are a lot of different methods to eating healthily but eating smaller meals more regularly throughout the day is a great option to choose for most people as it keeps their satiety levels in check and stokes their metabolisms for fat loss at Gym St Johns Wood.

The blueprint for leading a healthy well balanced diet is to consume 3 meals a day with 1 or 2 snacks in between. The snacks should be timed to limit hunger and avoid blood sugar levels dipping. You want to avoid the feeling of hunger during the mornings or afternoon as you are far more likely to consume a sugary snack to try and for fill your low energy levels.

Below are suggestions on how to snack smart and enjoy better energy levels and body composition.


Snack for increased Energy Levels.

Most people find that they experience a mid afternoon crash at work where they feel they have low energy levels. “Snacking smart” means that you consume a small snack to avoid this by eating a source of food that is high in protein and healthy fats. This aid’s with stabilizing blood sugar levels and produces sustain energy release until dinner. Below are some great suggestions for some healthy snacks.

  • Raw almonds unsalted. These are easy to over eat so make sure you consume a portion which is close to the size of your thumb
  • Low fat natural cottage cheese
  • Avocado and egg white
  • Teaspoon of hummus on whole grain crackers.
  • Apple and organic natural un-sweetened and salted peanut butter.


Snack for better Body Composition

Many people when trying to loose body fat assume that less food is better and often cut any snacking out and try to eat little to no carbohydrates.

This approach is not ideal as any results you may initially gain will be at the expense of muscle tissue and will also affect optimal immune system function. Snacking and eating smaller more regular meals ensure you have a well balanced nutritious diet that is healthy and improves body composition. It stops you from feeling hungry during the day and keeps you feeling alert and energized.

In terms of choosing healthy snacks it has to fit in with your daily calorie expenditure and nutrient needs.

If you want to become lean and loose body fat choose low calorie nutrient filled snacks. If you have a strenuous training schedule and you want to add muscle or replenish your body with fuel opt for high protein high calorie snacks.

Snacking to meet your nutritional demands

Snacking will help you reach your nutritional targets through the day in regards to vegetable, calcium, protein and fruit intake.

They offer you an opportunity to consume valuable nutrients your body needs to function and burn fat. It is important to be organised when it comes to your nutrition so always try to have healthy snacks ready made and available for when you need them. This will go a long way to helping you avoid snacking on sugary quick fix snacks.

The Variety of food you eat throughout the week is important for several reasons. Making sure you eat a variety of foods throughout the week ensures your body is getting amount of nutrients and it helps to keep you satisfied.

If you eat the same meals day in day out you are far more likely to slip up because you will be sick of it.

Ideal small meals or snacks include boiled egg salad with mixed spinach leaves, tomatoes and Kidney beans. Tuna and low fat cottage cheese with black pepper and tomatoes. Avocado, beetroot salad with mixed leaves, basil, feta and grilled salmon.

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