Hampstead 5 fitness Mistakes

I guarantee that if you walk through any gym today, you will most likely notice several mistakes. The mistakes that waste time, the mistakes that put people in danger and the mistakes that just completely stupid. You have probably made a few of these mistakes in your gym sessions.

Simply by avoiding these common mistakes, you will most definitely put yourself on the fast track to achieving your results.

Check out the following common mistakes and the solutions you will need to avoid these common dangers.


Mistake 1: Using the Wrong weights

The purpose of working out is too challenge the muscles and not simply completing the motions of the exercise. If you find it easy to complete 15 reps, then this is a clear sign that the weight is too light. However, if you’re unable to maintain good form and technique and you find yourself cheating on form, then the weight is obviously too heavy.

You will find that the correct weight will be challenging, especially on the last few reps but it won’t cause you to slack on form.

Mistake 2: You do the same routine.

Most people come to the gym and do the same routine week in week out. Maybe you’ve been doing the same exercises again and again?

Exercise routines have an expiration date and once this date has been reached, the effectiveness of the exercises begins to fade. The general rule is to change up your exercises every 4 weeks.

Mistake 3: You don’t warm up

I guarantee that most people skip out on doing a warm up, as they believe its wasting valuable time from their main workout. What they most likely don’t realise is that by having a good warm up will in fact benefit them during the main session.  It will allow you to perform at a higher intensity, which means greater results will be achieved.

Warm ups are performed in order to increase the temperature of your muscles. When warming up the level of blood flow to the working muscles increases and so does muscular contraction. Your warm up should last between 5-10minutes.

Mistake 4: Bad form.

Bad form is a common sight in gyms. The most common reasons are that they are not concentrating on the exercises they are performing or the weights they are lifting are far too heavy. Improper lifting technique can result in injury.

Take your time when performing the exercises. Concentrate on good form and this will reduce the risk of injury.

Mistake 5: You workout alone.

Working out alone can be less challenging, less accountable and the results gained are generally quite low. Why rush to the gym when nobody is waiting, why push yourself If nobody is watching? Seems pointless then and exercising alone is major recipe for disaster.

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