If you’re like most people on the planet then the realisation of you in a swim suit will either bring that grimance to your face or will motivate you to lose weight.

I applaud your desire to slim down but I’m also hear to let you guys and girls know of the 5 common myths.

1. Starve the pounds away: starving yourself in order to lose weight is extremely ineffective and very dangerous. By doing this, it will have significant effect on your body’s metabolism and slow your results down.

Tip- don’t starve, eat smaller healthier meals throughout the day.

2. Take Diet Pills to boost effort: These so called miracle pills are more likely to damage your body rather than help it. Along with health risks, its very likely it will damage your bank account as well.

Tip: Don’t take pills….. Burn calories with exercise

3. Do extra crunches to flatten your abs: the 6 pack is what we all desire. We all want those abs when strolling down the beach. Doing ridiculous amounts of crunches is not the answer. In order to achieve this lean look, you will have to focus on burning off that layer of fat that is covering those abs.

tip: focus on fat burning exercise and don’t just do isolation work on the abs.

4.Eat Packaged diet foods for speedy results: more often than not the products are packed with refined sugars and other artificial ingredients (MSG) that your body has no use for.

Tip: Stay away from packaged diet foods and stick to healthy and nutritious whole foods.

5. Avoid all carbs in order to slim down: the key is to stick to whole grains, oat meal, brown rice while avoiding processed and refined flours and sugars.

NOW YOU KNOW THE MYTHS….. Lets go over the beach body plan….. THE TRUTH.

– Cut out the junk: get rid of all the sugary and fat filled foods. Remember your quest to achieving that beach body is all down to what you put into. If you put junk in and it will look like junk. So don’t do it.

-Focus on whole foods: Replace the junk with cooked and raw veg, fresh fruits, lean meats, small amounts of seeds and nuts and low fat dairy.

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