How to be Successful

Many people set them selves goals which they want to achieve but never do. Their failure can be put down to a number of factors such as, unrealistic goal setting, no action plan in place or loss motivation. How do we get around these problems and make sure we are successful in achieving our fitness goals?

An approach popularised by author and psychologist Richard Wiseman uncovers 5 points which will help you achieve your goals and 5 points to avoid doing. These points are listed below and taken from Wisemans book; 59 Seconds Change Your Life in Under a Minute

1)  What you should do

Set your goal and then you must create an action plan on how to achieve it. The plan should be broken down into achievable goals which need to be measurable; time based and is productive in helping you achieve your overall goal.


2)  What you should not do
It is good to have a role model but you cannot focus your motivation around that person. This motivation will not be strong enough to help you sustain your fitness; it has to be more then this.


3)  What you should do
Always tell your family and friends about your goal and what you are going to do to achieve this. This holds you accountable for doing the hard work. If you tell the people around you what you’re going to do, you’re far more likely stay focused and driven to succeed, not only because of the support you will receive from them but there will be that added pressure to succeed.


4)  What you should Not do

Don’t start focusing on the negatives about what you have to do. If you start doing this it will become very hard to sustain.


5)  What you should do

Write down and keep a copy of the list which has all the positives on it. Use it to motivate your self and remind your self of the benefits that will come from achieving your goal such as a better lifestyle and better confidence.


6)  What you should Not do

A common mistake when it comes to nutrition is trying to ignore the tempting foods like biscuits and block them from your mind. This technique rarely works for people as you will always be around these types of processed foods. The answer is to learn how to deal with them being there.


7)  What you Should do

It’s important to reward your self for your success to keep you motivated and encourage further success. These rewards should never conflict with your overall goal so don’t use food to motivate your self.


8)  What you should not do

Although you do need it, you cannot rely on your willpower alone to succeed.


9)  What you should do

Always keep a detailed journal of your nutrition and workout program. This tracks your progress and highlights anything you may need to change.


10)               What you should not do

Start daydreaming, you have to get on with it and work hard.

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