You may have been on a fat loss diet in the past or are on one now, and have had a generally good diet, leading to a decent metabolism, with good progress. You may have soon released, as you fade off from your healthy diet, thinking your metabolism can handle it, it is actually running a lot slower than it should be. Consequently you are also not burning as much calories on a daily bases as you should be, leading to progress moving at a slower pace.

For you to really boost up your metabolism and fire it up again, you have to understand what you need to do to correct your slow and sluggish metabolism and how to correct it properly. Here are the steps you should take:

Your Target Calorie Intake

You need to first consider how much your target calorie intake needs to be. What calorie level do you want to reach?

It’s said that for the majority of people doing only a few workouts per week, leading normal lives, your maintenance calorie intake is assumingly around 15 – 16 calories per pound of body weight. For people who are much more sedentary, 14 would be a better number so adjust it accordingly.

Gradually Add Calories

Here you have found out your target calorie intake, what you need to do now is begin to add calories to that number gradually. You shouldn’t add them at the same time or you can risk some excess fat gains because of your slower than normal metabolism.

You should be looking to add about 10 – 15% of your total intake every 2 – 3 days, and keep doing this until you have reached the target calorie level. You should stay at this level for at least a week, two weeks would be better, before you start to go back to dieting.

Get Sufficient Carbs

You have to focus on carbohydrate dense foods when you are trying to make up calories by adding food. Carbohydrates may not have as much calories as fat, but they are broken down a lot easier and are the body’s main source of energy, making dense carbohydrates the ones that have the most significant influence on your metabolic rate, and so it will be what produces your optimal results. You still must be taking in your proteins and fats, but focus on carbs.

There you have it; if you are suffering from a slow and damaged metabolism, try out these steps to boost it up and see faster fat loss.

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