How To Get ABS

You have to ask yourself what are your goals. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or how in shape you already are.

Most of people have one or both of the following goals:

  • “See my abs” “Tone my stomach” “Get a six-pack”
  • “Have more energy”

To reaching these goals you have to know some key points. Market researchers have spent small fortunes testing and advertising hundreds of products and diets to help you reach that goal.


There is a lot of misinformation floating around because of the advertising done in relation to both of these topics. Therefore, you have to learn the real facts about abs, foods you can eat.


Question #1: How Can I Sculp Some ABS ?

Abs are the ones targeted by the most misinformation among all muscle groups. Most of people want to tone abs to show off.

Here common myths about getting definition in your abs…

  1. “I need to isolate my core muscles to unfold my sixpack!”

Abs are as much about what you eat as the types of exercises you do even if there plenty of products that claim you can get great abs by doing daily 5 minutes workouts. No amount of crunches or flutter kicks will give you the definition you want if your body fat is above a certain point.

  • FOR MEN: You have to get down to at least 15% body fat if you want to see your abs and at this point you’re still not going to have completely ripped abs. Your abs will be completely defined when you will be between 6% and 10% body fat.
  • FOR WOMEN: Your abs begin to be visible around 18% and fully defined around 10-12%. However, women have to be careful because it’s not healthy for a woman to sit beneath 15-18% body fat because it can involve issues with female hormones.


  1. Anyone can get the same look with the same exercises!

However, body fat percentage doesn’t really mean something because two people can follow the same program and abs workouts but still end up with stomachs that look different.

It’s better for you to focus on your weight loss and improving your overall strength instead of getting caught up with worrying your abs.

  1. By performing daily crunches and planks I will get my six pack!

You have to vary the abs exercises that you do because taking a balanced approach will help you get the best results. if you repeat only those ones over and over again you’ll eventually train your stomach muscles to adjust and stagnate even if you feel the burn from certain exercises.


Conclusion: You have to get a meticulous nutrition and decrease overall body fat if you want so see great abs. there isn’t a secret recipe to have the same abs like Daniel Craig or Brad Pitt, you just have to focus on being the best you can and you will see the results on your abs.


Question #2: How Can I Nourish My Body To Increase My Energy ?


Everyone wants more energy.

Many people buy  energy shots and become hooked on these drinks. However, everyone knows that these sources of energy do come with a price.

You will become addicted to caffeine but moreover if your body develops a tolerance to caffeine you will have to endure withdrawal symptoms. Some people reach for a sugary snack when caffeine doesn’t quite do the trick. This type of drink helps you by giving you a quick boost but most of the time it’s very short and they can lead to a crash that will leave you feeling more tired than before. Moreover, it can ruin any weight loss progress you’ve made if you have to keep eating these.


You have to know that hitting a slump in the middle of the day is actually normal.


A decrease of blood sugar levels after a lunch consisting of processed carbs or a bad nights sleep can cause this feeling and there are healthier ways to deal with it than pounding energy shots or chasing a sugar high.


Giving  your body real fuel which should take the form of protein and fiber is the key to boosting your energy naturally. It will leave you a sense of feeling full and provide younatural boost of energy  boosting sources of fiber include:

  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit
  • Raw almonds
  • Raw walnuts

Hardboiled egg can be a convenient source of protein and if you need to add a source of fat to the mix, it’s better to choose olive oil or avocados. Moreover you can use dark chocolate which is a natural energy and mood booster because flavonoids in dark chocolate can actually be beneficial. However having more than a square or two will go from giving you a natural boost to adding more calories than you’d like to your daily count.

It’s a good idea to cap off your protein and fiber snack with just enough dark chocolate to satisfy your taste-buds but you have to avoid to scrap down square after square of dark chocolate.

The most important point that you have to consider is the exercise because it’s the best way to combating the mid-day crash. You get oxygen and your blood flowing again when you take the time during the day to practice a few minutes of quality stretching, jumping jacks or other light cardio exercise.


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