How to get fit and stay fit

Achieving a good level of fitness for many people essentially boils down to making a life style change. Becoming stronger, leaner, faster and fitter is achieved through hard work and dedication, it should be seen as a journey where you constantly strive to improve and challenge yourself.

This blog will take a look at life style changes you may need to make so you can achieve your fitness goals.

1) Do not consume Process foods

Eating processed foods such as cereals, cookies and crisps have to be avoided. You need to make a life style change by not buying this type of food. If you don’t have it in your house your less likely to eat it. Your shopping list should only include whole foods such as fresh vegetables and fruit, nuts and lean cuts of organic meats and fish. So make this lifestyle change and clean up your diet.

2) Make Exercise your priority

Leading an active lifestyle is essential to getting fit. We all have busy lives but we should push exercise to the front of our schedules. By making exercise a priority you will ensure that you get it done. Your social life should fit around your workouts.

3) Control your portion size

Your portion size should be controlled. Many people over eat you need to learn to know when to stop. Make changes to the way you consume your food and avoid eating even when you feel full.

4) Challenge your self

You have to make a commitment to yourself and the goals you have made. Simply working out isn’t enough. You need to learn to push yourself during your workouts. Intensity is key to achieving your fitness goals and pushing the boundaries of what your body can do. As you train more you need to adapt your workouts to become more challenging to keep improving. Keep a journal of your workouts so you can measure if you are becoming stronger and faster.

5) Make it enjoyable

Become passionate about health and fitness and surround yourself with like minded people. The more positive you can be the better. Your workouts need to be intense but enjoyable; by setting smaller more achievable goals will help motivate you further when you achieve them. Find activities or sports that you enjoy such as swimming, gymnastics or team games like rugby to compete in alongside workouts in the gym.
6) Fix your drinking habits

Make changes to what you drink. Water should be the only thing you drink with exception of green tea, you don’t need anything else. By making this change you will avoid drinking sugary calorific drinks that your body will not process consequently the calories consumed will be stored as fat.

7) Look for extra support

Look for extra support to help you stay motivated. By finding a personal trainer you will find it harder to skip sessions. The extra support will keep you focused and driven giving you consistency with your training and nutrition.

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