How to Handle Weight Loss Obstacles

If you feel that your weight loss efforts have been stalled when you don’t lose as many pounds as you want. It’s a common obstacle. It’s very often that you hit a plateau when you have experienced large amounts of weight loss in the past.


You have to know a few things if you want to pass this obstacle.

1. “Diet” Foods


A lot of people think, because of some companies, that they have to eat foods with words like “reduced” or “fat-free” on the label if they want to lose weight. They can ask us if these statements are true but most of the time they are wrong and companies only do that in order to convince people of their products and making money.


Most diet foods are highly processed because  most of the time they are  packed with sodium and contain a lot of ingredients that are not natural at all. However, the other problem with these type of products is that they are not ideal for a healthy body and often leave people feeling hungry.

Unlike natural foods, they cause you to feel hungry again in no time and can even lead what you just ate being stored as fat because your body quickly breaks down processed foods and It’s not the case with natural food.


You have to focus on eating meals with natural foods if you want the food that you eat help you to lose weight.


2. Being Stressed

You can reduce your quality of life and prevent yourself from losing weight because of stress.

The cortisol is a hormone that produced by your body when you’re stressed and involves your body to hold onto more fat. It’s a vicious cycle because the stress reduces your weight loss and when you realize that you have not lost weight, it causes more stress and the cycle continues.

You have to find a way to deal with the stress if you don’t want it to become a toll on your life and on your weight loss. The sleep is the most important source of stress but many people overlook it. For example, when you don’t sleep enough, even if it’s a minor issue, it can appear as a big deal, comes up during your day and be a source of stress.

To improve your sleep, you have to make a commitment  with your weight loss and for example, instead of staying on your computer and pushing back your bedtime for one hour, you stop it and start relaxing when it’s time for you to go to your bed.

Moreover, regular exercises can help you to deal with the stress because challenging yourself and working up involve a release of all the tension that you have.  Thanks to regular workouts sessions you also burn calories for your weight loss.


3. Willpower Depletion

Most  people think that they have to try a little harder to force themselves into doing something when it concerns weight loss or other challenges. Your willpower is a limited resource and it’s important that you understand this because it doesn’t mean that you lack discipline when you’re unable to force yourself to do something. Several studies shown that everybody has a certain amount of willpower to be used and when we reached it we have to rest in order to replenish it.

You have to change the way that you approach losing weight if you want  success and can’t expect to ride yourself 24 hours a day. There isn’t any way to avoid burn out if everything you do, relates to weight loss, seems like a burden. You won’t have to exert as much willpower to keep yourself on track if you change your perception of how you approach weight loss.

You have to find healthy options you like to change your perception. There are many ways to make losing weight a easier goal as for example focusing on nutritious foods that you like or calorie burning activities.


4. Adding Muscle

The muscle is your fat burner and putting it on isn’t actually an obstacle even if you’re a woman because instead of eliminating your feminine figure, adding muscle will help you highlight your best assets by toning them.

Adding muscle involves progress and it’s the reason why we brought it up because people start to mistakenly think they aren’t losing weight. They’re getting rid of fat but adding muscle and it’s a reason why people don’t see big changes on the scale.

You have to regularly keep measuring your body fat and not baseing everything on the number you see on the scale in order to avoid to be mistakenly driven off track.


5. Unrealistic Expectations

You are setting yourself up for failure if you start your weight loss by telling yourself that you need to lose 30 pounds in a month for example.

Our clients are able to lose at least seven pounds a month if you need an idea of a reasonable amount of weight loss to expect. Your goals have to be within reason if you want to maximize your weight loss.

You can put your weight loss goal in the program that you follow and know that you’re on the right track.









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