At first when starting out as a personal trainer, I believed there were two main components for anyone to achieve their goals, great intense workouts and even greater nutrition plans which is all you need to succeed.

Surprisingly not long later I had released, that’s not the case, and about half of my clients weren’t seeing the results they intended for.

I always thought to myself that they were either missing far too many sessions just coming on and off their training, or they were slacking a lot in their nutrition programs and not following them.

Soon after, what I then came to realise is that the majority of clients are not committed enough. Commitment means staying dedicated in your efforts and make sure you get it done, after you have brought together your main goal. This is a main sign in the Stages of Change.

Even after commitment has been put in place by the client, there was more for me than just planning good nutrition and workout programs for clients. That’s when I said “MOTIVATION IS WHAT THEY NEED!”

And I was dead wrong…

The amount of hard work I put into motivating my clients, from being enthusiastic, friendly and making sure they are on point with teaching points, to giving them daily advice on how to improve on their nutrition and progress in training.

I made it my goal to get in touch with clients on a more personal manor and inspire them not just as a personal trainer, but also as their friend, also to ensure they do a better job in and out of the gym.

This definitely made a significant improvement. Combining motivation to training and nutrition did a lot better than just training and nutrition on its own. However, unfortunately, motivation has a big flaw, it doesn’t last!

Don’t get me mistaken; I still believe motivation is a big factor in anything you do. Everyone has to be pushed, inspired and encouraged. But the truth of it is, when looking for long term permanent results, motivation starts you up and GETS you going, but DISCIPLINE is what’s going to KEEP you going!

In anything you do, especially in regards to fitness consistency is the key. Ask any personal trainer, and they will tell you, the hardest thing about training and fitness is being consistent. After you have mastered that, your nutrition and fitness program will come to you so easy you wouldn’t even have to think about that. It needs to become part of your lifestyle.

That’s why I say to my clients you need to make the time AT LEAST to train 2-3 a week. Just to follow the process.

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