Keep it simple

What you eat is the main reason you are not happy with your weight, which isn’t entirely your fault.

Every day you are attacked with false food marketing, have you ever stopped to realise?

You can find advertisements everywhere from T.V. commercials, websites, magazine pages and billboards, each of them showing off their cheap, tasty and convenient ways to treat your hunger

This puts itself into all but one complicated question, “What’s for dinner?”

There are so many options and such a large menu that it distorts your idea of a proper meal, and sooner or later you find yourself falling into those drive-troughs, restaurants and take-out lines.

When, in actuality, healthy eating is really simple.

First you need to destroy that storm of food marketing around you from your mind. Remember that adverts just want your money; they don’t take into consideration if the product is affecting your weight. In their eyes, that’s your job.

I think it is fair to say that foods you see marketed and advertised you should avoid. When was the last time you saw an advert for some steamed broccoli, grilled white fish and a side of brown rice?

Healthy eating – What does it truly look like?

Fresh vegetables, a modest serving of whole grains and lean protein are what a healthy meal should consist of.

It is just as important to make sure that a healthy meal does NOT contain:

  • Fatty and fried foods
  • Refined sugar / corn syrup
  • foods with chemical additives that is processed
  • Full fat dairy food

The Importance of a good Breakfast for fat loss


When you are trying to strip fat, get stronger and fitter, breakfast should be made a priority.


If you eat the correct foods at breakfast you will have improved brain function, increased metabolism and you will feel fuller for longer while balancing out your blood sugar levels.


There have been many studies indicating that consuming protein rich food first thing in the morning helps to burn more calories throughout the day. Try these suggestions below.


1) Whole grain toast, 2 egg whites and whole egg (scrambled, boiled or in an omelet with tomatoes and spinach.


2)  Tinned mackerel or sardines, whole grain toast, avocado and tomatoes.


3)   Greek yoghurt with blueberries and a protein shake.

Get your Lunch Sorted for better fat loss results

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating well throughout the day takes planning and organisation.

Avoid not knowing what you’re eating for lunch by getting organised and pre plan your lunches in order to make sure they are packed full of all the nutrients you need.  Below are some suggestions for you to pack and take with you to work etc.

1)      Grilled Chicken breast, Curly Kale, diced tomatoes and avocado

2)      Sweet potato, tinned tuna, low fat cottage cheese and spinach

3)      Diced beef mixed vegetables in stir fry with brown rice

Control your consumption at dinner time for fat loss

By eating well throughout the day you avoid feeling tired and lethargic. Many people consume too many calories at dinner time because they are tired and hungry after work.

Beat this pit fall by eating well throughout the day to sustain energy levels and keep blood sugar levels constant. Follow these meal suggestions.

1)      Grilled fish, spinach, mushrooms, quinoa

2)      Chicken and whole meal rice

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