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People would rather spend days on their couch than anywhere else.

People who would rather have a root canal than go do a workout.

Some of us have our lazy days, but more and more people are turning laziness into an occupation.

What about you? Check if the following describe you:

  • You would rather passively observe than participate in activity.
  • You’re a master at making excuses.
  • You try to find short cuts to do everything

If that is you, don’t worry. There are many reasons why people become lazy.

  1. Deprived of Sleep: When you haven’t slept, it is easier to be unmotivated, which can make you lazy. Make sure to have at least 8 hours of sleep a night in order to maintain enough and a sufficient amount of energy that you would need to keep you going throughout the day and to function at your best.
  2. Caffeine Boost: Abusing yourself with large amounts of caffeine every morning would help you for a couple of hours, until it drains your energy and become even lazier than you were. Try to avoid the caffeine rush, and let your body rely on its natural energy.
  3. Bad Habit: If you make your self do the same lazy routine by jumping on the couch straight after work every night, it will turn into an automatic habit and not a conscious decision. To break this habit is quite easy; instead of crashing on your coach automatically, consciously get up and do something productive – like going to the gym.
  4. Inactivity: When you don’t exercise in your spare time, and your job most of the time keeps you on a chair for house, this will accustom your body to inactivity. It is time to wake up those sleeping muscles that you don’t use and make yourself more familiar with the joy of moving about and physical activity. An easy way to get out of being lazy and inactive is going on small walks in your spare times for about 30 minutes when you have time. Once you’ve broken yourself in with consistent walks.

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