Marylebone Weight loss – Sweetest Scam of all Time

This is a shocker.

Water diet vs Water and refined sugar diet. Which do you reckon you will survive longer on?

Wait for it …….

Yes, it’s true you can survive longer on just a diet of good old H2O. If you don’t believe me, just ask the 5 sailors who were shipwrecked in 1793.

The sailors were left stranded for nine days with a diet of just water and sugar. When they were rescued, they were in a terrible state and this was due to starvation.

This event caught the interest of French physiologist Francois Magendie who later conducted a series of experiments in which he provided a group of dogs a diet which only consisted of sugar. The findings were not surprising……. All the dogs died.

Francois proved that a diet consisting of just refined sugar was actually worse than having nothing at all.

How can sugar be worse you say? The reason is simple . Sugar is an anti- nutrient.

It starts out as Sugar cane which is full of fibre, enzymes , vitamins and minerals. It then goes through an extensive refining process that completely destroys this goodness. So what you are left with is empty calories.

This causes a major problem if consumed. The reason being is that your body needs these enzymes, minerals and vitamins that were removed via the refining process. The body needs them metabolise the sugar in order to use it for energy. But because it has been removed, the body utilises what the body already has, therefore meaning depleting the stored nutrients without replacing them.

so when you’re enjoying that delicious candy bar, the sugars are draining vital nutrients from your body like a sweet parasite.

There’s more good news:
. sugar creates false hunger and therefore making you overheat
.sugar promotes ageing
. sugar weakens your bones- making you susceptible to osteoporosis and weakens your teeth.
. sugar in excess is stored in your body as fat.

Still not convinced of the dangers of sugar? Well here are few more to tickle your taste buds :

.over consumption causes- varicose veins, constipation, hormonal imbalances, emotional instability- Just to name a few.

The average person consumes approximately 46 teaspoons of sugar a day. Which roughly works out to 175lbs a year. Yes, that’s a equivalent to the weight of a middleweight boxer.

Due to the sugar industry being very lucrative, you will see that it has been added to majority of your food items, ranging from spaghetti sauce to even the healthy weight loss bars.


Your personal judgement determines the food that you eat and food which to avoid. Hopefully by now you will see sugar in a different light and approach it with more care and thought.

Sugar is simply caloric energy with a sweet habit which forms ‘taste’ along side an array of health risks.


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