If you continuously attempt to lose weight, it’s expected in most cases that you will probably lose some or, sometimes, A GREAT DEAL of muscle also.

You need to pick up some weight. Some heavy weight. It’s called “resistance” training for a reason – to resist weight. You can swing around your pretty pink dumbbells all you want, but that’s not putting enough resistance on your muscles and you won’t see results.

To achieve a firm toned body and lose fat, first I’m going to drive out some myths about muscle.

–          “I don’t want to get muscly”

The image of female bodybuilders has driven away women from lifting some heavy iron. Lifting weights will make you look good!

Here are 3 reasons why lifting weights WON’T make you bulky like you believe.

1)      Most female bodybuilders are likely to take steroids, you are not (at least I hope so).

2)      Naturally men have up to 8x the testosterone than in women, and how many men STILL struggle to build muscle. So if men are struggling even with this substantial advantage, you can be assured you won’t turn into she-hulk from touching some weight.

3)      The muscle building process is slow and takes time. It takes a lot of years of hard work for a body builder to get to where they are

Here is something else that you should take in – if you don’t lift weight or exercise to keep your muscles active, after you turn 30 your body can lose an average of 1lb per year which also makes you burn fewer calories and in turn makes you gain fat again. This is the main reason gradually gain fat as they’re older.

If that isn’t enough for you how about this – if you don’t lift weight that is challenging, your body will slowly lose bone mass and decrease bone density, this can lead to osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Here are 3 reasons how muscle can help you avoid that and make you lose weight.

1)      When you are resting, muscle can help you burn fat (resting metabolic rate). This means you don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight.

2)      Muscles are what shape your body, to look good you need to be muscularly toned and developed. If you try to lose weight by just cardio and no resistance, you will burn into your muscle fibres and you won’t have a great shape. Working your muscles under tension and pressure will force it to burn the fat around.

3)      Lifting weights and being stronger promotes osteoblast, making your bone density higher and stronger.

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