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One of the things you may tell yourself when you want to lose weight is that you need to “get up and get moving”. However, it doesn’t mean, even if this phrase is definitely true, that you should be pushing yourself each and every day. The plan to devote all of your free time to this pursuit can actually backfire even if it’s easy to feel like you’re only going to get result from working out.

Giving your body enough time to recover from your workouts is part of successfully losing weight. There are some reasons which are very important if wondering why sleep and rest are such a big deal:


1. Reduce the Odds of Getting off Track: if you want to get results from your workouts, you have to push yourself because it’s an important part of the final result.

You have to be aware about your immune system. If you ignore sleep and rest, you’re going to take your body to its breaking point. You can push yourself without a weak immune system. It’s better for you to get thrown out of routine for several days than take only one day off from working out.

2. Stay Sharp: if you are aware and you get enough sleep each night, you could avoid your weight loss sabortage.

3. Avoid Sabotaging Weight Loss: if you don’t make sleep a priority you can restrict the progress that you’re able to make from workouts. Indeed, if you don’t get enough sleep, it could involve stress on your body and one of its responses to the stress can be to store more fat than normal.

4. Keep a Smile: If you want to maintain a positive outlook, sleep and rest are essential. Losing weight should be something which improves your quality of life but if you don’t sleep or allow your body to recover, it could be causes of temporary depression.

5. Healthy Heart: If you combine enough rest with challenging workouts you can avoids some negatives consequences, like high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues, and enjoy all the benefits of a healthy heart.



6. Refuel Your Body: Rest and consistently eating with quality foods are important for supporting the time that you spend working out. In fact, when you work out, you deplete your body of a energy known as glycogen, which is stored and your body can’t function properly if it’s running on empty.

7. Keep Your Motivation High: the motivation is also essential to lose weight. Often, when people give up on losing weight, it’s because they are burnt out. You can avoid that by rest and sleep. Motivation and rest are linked.







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