Stop gaining and start loosing

Gaining weight can be due to a number of different factors in your life which can effect eating and exercise patterns. Why has your body weight increased and how can you stop it increasing further.

1)     Avoid these fat mistakes

People go through different things in life which effect them in different ways. Similarly people gain fat for different reasons, whether its comfort eating due to depression or lack of exercise because of low confidence there is never one simple solution that works for everyone. You have to come to terms with the reason why your comfort eating or not exercising to get the results you really want.

The first step is to think back to when you where at your healthiest weight and ask your self when did I start putting on weight. Did you put it on slowly over a long period of time or was it sudden? Below are some major events in people’s lives which often effect peoples eating and exercise habits.

A) University:

Studies show that time spent at University is the easiest time for us to gain body fat. This is usually down to the life style students lead from drinking more alcohol to not eating right.

B) Being Married:

Putting on weight when you’re married can be easy. Through comfort eating in front of the TV with your partner can quickly put on the pounds.

C) Pregnancy:

During pregnancy women of course put weight on but so do men. Through sympathy eating with their partner. Men often gain weight too.


d) Work: The type of work you do largely effects your body composition. Many people spend hours sitting behind a desk every day with a commute to and from work leaving little time to exercise.

The second step is to again think of the time things started to slip and work out where the changes in your lifestyle. Below are some behavioural categories that may be what changed for you.


A)    Nutritional Habits:

Was it you’re eating patterns that changed during university or marriage for example? Often peoples nutritional habits change due to adjustments in their life and it could be that you had a well balanced diet eating sensibly to filling up on empty calories from alcohol and eating cheap processed foods at University.

B)    Activity Level:

The second point is your activity level which can lead to weight gain. Think about how active you where before your life changing event and are you doing anything different now.

Now you can be sure of what events started the weight gain and what behavioral patterns changed as a result you can make your first step in putting things right by contacting me.

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