The will to make a Change

The will to make a change in our lives and achieve our fitness goals starts with you.

The only time to make a change and turn things around is right now. There is no time like the present to start training hard and sticking to your nutritional plan, life will always present plenty of excuses to put your training on the back burner so just work around them and start achieving the results you need.

There are many people who want to strip body fat and who are constantly struggling with their weight essentially because they find it hard to put their goals into action. They may have underlying health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes which they need to address but certain things prevent them from getting the ball rolling.

Anthony Robbins a professional speaker and author it’s the getting ready to change that takes time. In the end there’s a single instant when the change occurs. Robbins goes on to outline three specific beliefs that you must have in order to instantly create a lasting change.

1)     Things have to change

Do you have health issues that affect your everyday life or do you just want to strip some body fat or gain some lean muscle? The key is to get focused, realize what you have to do to achieve your goals and do it. Persuade yourself that today is the day it starts.


2)     You must be Accountable

Make yourself accountable for achieving what you need to do. The change and motivation has to come from your personal trainers. They can certainly add extra motivation and drive but the core of the hard work has to come from you.


3)     You can make the change

Mental resilience and the will to achieve will get you far in life and health and fitness. Keep your focus by reminding yourself of your goals and how badly you want it. If you are able to do this you will be successful in making a change.
Making lasting changes to your life takes more then will power, to turn things around and keep it that way involves pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

If you become complacent you will slip back into old habits. It’s important to retrain how your brain processes things. You have to learn to associate healthy living with pleasure and a sedentary lifestyle with pain and unhappiness.

Through training hard regularly and eating well you will start to see results. You should then associate these positive results with training, realize the correlation between leading a healthy life style and happiness.

Take the change you need to make into your own hands today.


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