A lot of studies have been carried out to prove DEVELOPING MUSCLE imposes BURNING FAT.

So we are going to have a look at something that does make you fat… CARDIO.

This is why:

Cardio that is done at a low intensity such as jogging or the cross trainer makes your receptors for muscle building blunt. In the end you will be stopping your body from building muscle.

Not only that, low intensity cardio uses up your muscles to fuel for exercise most of the time. So other than stopping your body from growing and making new muscle, you are actually burning away your current muscle. Think about your arms and your leg muscles decreasing from cardio.

If that doesn’t get to you then here’s another reason:

Your body has an incredible ability to adapt. Cardio can also teach your body to become more inefficient at burning calories. Since your body would have less muscle, your body would adapt by burning less calories, making cardio a lot less affective.

When talking about muscle building, cardio hurts that too.

Cardio actually teaches your body to develop types of muscle fibres that are better at cardio, and that doesn’t grow.


In the end, you are going to decrease your body’s ability to burn fat because you are eating away at your muscles and not rebuilding them after you do and you are going to decrease your metabolism.

If your body has less muscle, that means it has less calories to burn, and if you take in the same amount of calories that you usually do, the rest or it will just be stored as fat.


You want to get rid of that body fat and have a slimmed toned body? LIFT WEIGHTS! Build muscle and watch as your fat melt away, even while you rest.

I am NOT saying don’t do cardio. I am saying weight lifting will help enforce losing weight more efficiently AND develop your muscles.

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