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Below are five steps that you can implement to generate a fat melting environment for your body. By following these steps you will be able to increase your metabolism, maintain lean muscle tissue, optimise hormonal function and strengthen your immune system.

In order to achieve the above you have to assess your lifestyle then adapt or change certain parts of it. This doesn’t mean it has to be disruptive to your life, usually its simple small factors that you may need to tweak in regards to how you exercise and your approach to nutrition.

If you are successful in making these small lifestyle changes you will lose body fat and keep it off.

The five steps below are small adjustments you need to make in order to get great results.

Step 1) Cutting out sugary Drinks
There have been many studies that indicate sugary drinks have a strong correlation to weight gain.

This study from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio concluded that those who drank two or more diet soft drinks a day had the largest waistline increases—about five times more than that of non-drinkers.

Soft drinks often have misleading information and marketing on them stating their healthy etc. Even if they are low in calories they will be high in sweeteners and additives creating health issues.

They also increase your appetite for other sugary foods. So by adjusting to drinking water or green tea you will dramatically promote fat loss.

Step 2) Stop eating bread

The energy in white bread especially is released rapidly into the blood stream. Your body cannot process it all so instead of being used as a fuel for the body it is more likely to be stored as fat.

Make lifestyle changes by swopping bread for alternatives. Instead of having a traditional tuna sandwich with bread, opt for tuna lettuce raps. Select a robust type of lettuce leaf such as a gem lettuce and rap the tuna up inside it and adding vegetables.

Step 3) Intensity is Key when it comes to Cardio.

In order to achieve better body composition we need to implement the most effective forms of training that will help to produce results efficiently.

There have been many studies into what forms of cardio are most beneficial for fat loss and maintain good body composition levels. They found that high intensity interval training is the most efficient for fat loss when compared to steady state aerobic exercise.

To implement high intensity training into your program complete short rounds of exercise at your maximum rate of intensity followed by a short rest period and then repeat for a desired number of rounds or time.

For example Sprint for 30seconds followed by rest for 30 seconds and repeat for 10 rounds or more.

Step 4) Cut down on sugar

Cutting down on sugar is another change which has to happen if you’re going to achieve a leaner physique. Your body doesn’t need refined sugars so don’t consume any and you will eventually feel and look much better for it.

Many people crave sugary snacks but avoid it by filling up on whole foods and keep your blood sugar levels steady.

Step 5) Find a good personal Trainer

Employ a professional to take the guessing out of your workouts. When I write your personalised programme it is designed produce the best results in the most efficient time possible.

By using the knowledge and experience I have in body transformations you can expect to build lean muscle tissue, burn body fat optimise hormonal function through good nutrition.

Take a look at the body transformations my clients have already achieved.

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