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When people want to lose weight they should increase exercise and assess their diet to see what they can change. It’s common knowledge that by increasing energy expenditure you will increase weight loss. But unfortunately its not always as simple as that, people who are new to exercise and are out of shape may actually stay or increase body weight slightly at the start of their program.

This information shouldn’t stop you from exercising as it will lead to sustained fat loss but it’s important for motivational reasons to understand why you may gain weight slightly at the beginning. Below are the reasons behind weight gain while exercising and eating well in the initial stages of your program.

Lean Muscle Tissue.

To induce better body composition you should be implementing resistance training as the cornerstone of your program. Resistance training aims to increase lean muscle tissue which increases your metabolism and creates a better fat burning environment within your body. For a beginner implementing a good progressive weights program and nutritional plan will result in gaining lean muscle tissue relatively easily when compared to someone with more training experience as they have far more potential to fill.

It’s this muscle gain which is one of the main reasons why some novice lifters may gain a little weight, however this initial rise will then have a positive effect by increasing your metabolism and burning body fat. Muscles are structurally far more dense and heavy when compared to the same amount of body fat so an increase in lean muscle doesn’t transfer to an increase in size.

It’s for this reason that measuring your success in the gym should be done by body fat readings via callipers rather than just getting on the scales. This gives you a true reflection of how well you’re doing by giving your body fat percentage.

Consistency with weight training and good nutrition will lead to increased strength, healthier joints, and denser bones and will increase the body’s fat burning capabilities helping you stay leaner. Its important to consider this when you first start training hard to avoid disappointment. If you are incorporating nutrition and training you should be increasing lean muscle tissue which may cause a slight increase in weight to start with.


Nutritional habits.

When you increase exercise your body will burn more calories then before leaving you feeling hungry. People often then eat more as a result. I suggest keeping a detailed food journal to keep track of the quantity and quality of what you’re eating.

Just because you have worked out doesn’t mean you can eat what you like. Nutrition accounts up to 70% of your success in regards to fat loss. At the same time you cannot simply starve yourself as this is counter productive for muscle building. This approach will simply slow your metabolism right down and eat into your lean muscle tissue while decreasing hormonal functions. Choose healthy nutritious calories to fuel your body through the workouts and aid in recovery and muscle gain.

Fluid intake

Water intake can also make a difference if your weighing your self on the scales. So if you do weigh yourself instead of using a calliper to determine your body fat percentage you should take into account the time of day your weighing yourself. Its important to be consistent with this, to get a true reflection weigh yourself in the morning before any water or food.

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