Winters Almost Here – Learn What You Can Do to Slim Down


When winter approaches, people try to burn those final few pounds off, by adopting healthy eating and starting regular exercise

You just have to create a sensible eating plan by adding the right types of exercises to your routine to get the winter body that you want. You still have plenty of time to lose some weight and tone your physique for the best look.


1. Plan, Plan, PLAN!

It will be nearly impossible to reach your fitness goals if they are too general because you don’t have a set of specifics to use as a frame of reference. However most of the time, because they fail to adequate plan, people don’t get the results that they wanted.

In order to keep you accountable for your fitness goals and reducing your urges to snack, you have to schedule your workouts and prepare healthy meals ahead of time. However, this could be the best way to break a cycle of procrastination. You can take 10 minutes today to write down your schedule for the next few weeks, you have to put specific times to prepare your healthy meals every day and scheduling 3 exercise routines too.

2. Combine Cardio and Resistance Exercises

Most of the time, it seems that the best way to loose weight is to do cardio all the time.

Resistance training is better because it increases your metabolism and is going to allow you to burn more fat than Cardio which doesn’t build up lean muscle. However, for more intense workouts sessions, you will need to build your cardio vascular strength and your heart rate, and those things will be involved by resistance exercises.

You have to split your workout schedule into short sessions, as for example into half cardio and half resistance exercise. This way helps you see the results that you want for your body. However, you have to devote more than half your workouts to resistance exercises for toning up your body if you don’t have to lose a lot of pounds.

You can choose a resistance exercise that you like, such as push up rows, squats or lunges, make it your personal goal to master that exercise at the end of the week.

3. Focus on Intensity Instead of Time

You have to increase the intensity of each session if you want to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. However, you have to move quickly from one exercise set to the next without a break in between if you want  your workout session training to be effective.

4. Add Healthy Foods Instead of Depriving Yourself

You don’t have to completely restrict your food intake if you reduce your calories.

This practice can involve that your body may store more fat instead of burning it. Therefore, it can send the wrong signals to your body and slow down your metabolism. You have to replace nutritionally-empty foods by healthy meals like lean meats, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

You can focus on replacing the nutrition foods that you eat for breakfast or your dinner for healthier options. For example you can change cereal to eggs or a bowl of oatmeal with fruits at the breakfast and replace pasta for spinach for your dinner.




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