Why you need to work backward

You’ve heard the saying, “Begin with the end in mind,” right?   It’s near the top of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.   The saying sounds straightforward, but “the end” he’s referring to?   There’s actually a TWIST.   When you create a vision for yourself — aka your goals — you create it […]

What people get wrong about “mental toughness From A ST Johns Wood Personal Trainer

There’s a trait that separates people who reach their goals from those who struggle.   It’s not talent, luck, or genetics (although those things don’t hurt).   This trait does more than just help you reach your health/fitness goals.   It also helps you do better in school, excel in sports and your career, and […]

Why do “bad” foods taste so good From A St Johns Wood Personal Trainer

Have you ever noticed that foods that aren’t exactly “good” for you seem to taste amazing?   It’s kind of like Mother Nature is playing a practical joke… but there are a few reasons this happens.   Many “crave-worthy” foods are loaded with sugar, salt, fat, and empty calories. Our brains are hardwired to crave tasty, high-energy […]