Asian Spinach Salad

Here’s the perfect fresh salad to serve as a compliment to your next healthy stir-fry dinner. The dressing is simple to mix together at home and is filled with delicious Asian flavours like sesame and chili garlic. Use fresh organic spinach, radish and cucumber for the best flavour and highest nutritional value. Servings: 4 Courtesy […]

3 Gifts (of Fat Loss)

When you put in the focused effort to lose weight there are certain benefits that you expect to get. You expect to look better in your clothes. You expect to have more energy. And you expect to feel pretty happy about your accomplishment. Knowing that these benefits are waiting for you, just on the other […]

10 Reasons to Exercise

1. To Prevent Disease Exercise has been proven to reduce the risk of just about every single health problem known to man, from stroke to heart disease to cancer and osteoporosis. Exercise is also a great defense against type 2 diabetes, which is one of the most widely growing diseases of our time. 2. To […]

14 Reasons to Exercise Today

Exercise makes your clothes fit better:Consistent exercise will tone and tighten your body, and this means that your clothes will not only fit better they will also look nicer. But don’t get too attached to your current clothes. Exercise ensures that soon you’ll be trading those current clothes in for smaller sizes. Exercise reduces your […]

4 Self-Motivating Mind Tricks

Are you struggling with self motivation? Having a hard time getting yourself to your regularly scheduled workouts? Finding more and more reasons to cheat on your healthy diet? You’re not alone and today I’ve got just the 4 Self-Motivating Mind Tricks that you need to lock onto your goals… A healthy dose of motivation coupled […]

5 Big Benefits of Fat Los

Big Benefit #1: Confidence You may not consider it a concrete benefit, but that doesn’t stop confidence from being one of the most important perks of dropping fat. When you have increased confidence, you change how you view yourself and go about your daily routine. The world is at your fingertips and you are able […]

3 Steps to Overcome Overeating

Here are 3 Steps To Overcome Overeating – read these, and apply them to your life. Step #1: Pay Attention Be aware of what and how much you eat. This simple concept will save you from hundreds upon hundreds of calories each week. To apply this rule, don’t eat while your attention is distracted by another activity. […]