How often should you workout?

You have to make the correct choices which will support your weight loss because this pursuit is not something you can only think about every now and then. Your fitness doesn’t need to consume all your life even if it needs to be a priority. Weight loss involves a real burden on your shoulders and […]

How to Handle Weight Loss Obstacles

If you feel that your weight loss efforts have been stalled when you don’t lose as many pounds as you want. It’s a common obstacle. It’s very often that you hit a plateau when you have experienced large amounts of weight loss in the past.   You have to know a few things if you […]

3 Reasons to Do Resistance Exercises

 St Johns Wood blog by Imran Ilahi Many people who do cardio exercises regularly are still struggling to lose weight because they’re not doing any type of resistance exercise and think that they have to do more cardio to continue losing weight. If you want to be successful in your weight loss, you don’t have […]

St John’s Wood Blog by Imran Ilahi-

The slogan which should appear on the doors of a gym should be: “half the battle is getting here”. This phrase is true. It can be very difficult to getting started with a workout. However, most of the time, people really enjoy it and after one or two weeks they are able to stick with […]

St – Johns Woods Blog by Imran ilahi

One of the things you may tell yourself when you want to lose weight is that you need to “get up and get moving”. However, it doesn’t mean, even if this phrase is definitely true, that you should be pushing yourself each and every day. The plan to devote all of your free time to […]


The foods you eat in your daily diet always have a tremendous influence when it comes to supporting a strong skeletal system. You would find great difficulty in seeing some solid bone remodelling if you are not getting enough level of calcium and vitamin D. However, even when your diet is covered, it is essential […]


A lot of studies have been carried out to prove DEVELOPING MUSCLE imposes BURNING FAT. So we are going to have a look at something that does make you fat… CARDIO. This is why: Cardio that is done at a low intensity such as jogging or the cross trainer makes your receptors for muscle building […]


The amount of clients and just people I know in general turn around and tell me they are on the new “21 day transformation” or the new “3 week fat burner” they have ripped out from a random lifestyle or fitness magazine or read online. Let me just make it clear from now… DO NOT […]