At first when starting out as a personal trainer, I believed there were two main components for anyone to achieve their goals, great intense workouts and even greater nutrition plans which is all you need to succeed. Surprisingly not long later I had released, that’s not the case, and about half of my clients weren’t […]

Do you have a healthy diet mind set?

Before telling yourself “I need to be healthy, I need to diet”, it’s more important to make sure you get yourself in the right mind set to being. People who don’t start off with the right mind set are sure to drop out and give in to the health wrecking foods, rather than those who […]


INCREASE MUSCLE: If you continuously attempt to lose weight, it’s expected in most cases that you will probably lose some or, sometimes, A GREAT DEAL of muscle also. You need to pick up some weight. Some heavy weight. It’s called “resistance” training for a reason – to resist weight. You can swing around your pretty […]


: “There are a few key things you need to make sure are put in place if you are focused on building lean muscle mass.” Either yourself, or you know a lot of people, who have time after time again set the goal of building lean muscle mass but always fail, because they are missing […]

Is it your slow metabolism to blame for increased body fat?

Your metabolism refers to the amount of energy or calories your body burns in order to maintain itself. The rate of which your metabolism runs is affected by different factors such as your body composition for example. This blog will take a look at the relationship between exercise and nutrition and the body’s rate of […]

Fitness St Johns Wood

There is allot of information available in regards to nutrition and fat loss. So much so that it becomes very confusing as information is contradicting its self leaving people perplexed at what exactly they should be doing. This blog will outline 5 foods that you should never eat in order to achieve a better body […]

Weight Loss St Johns Wood

When people want to lose weight they should increase exercise and assess their diet to see what they can change. It’s common knowledge that by increasing energy expenditure you will increase weight loss. But unfortunately its not always as simple as that, people who are new to exercise and are out of shape may actually […]