Keep it simple

What you eat is the main reason you are not happy with your weight, which isn’t entirely your fault. Every day you are attacked with false food marketing, have you ever stopped to realise? You can find advertisements everywhere from T.V. commercials, websites, magazine pages and billboards, each of them showing off their cheap, tasty […]

7 reasons why you should exercise

Regular exercise is important to improve body composition, strength and cardiovascular health. Many people are starting to develop health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease due to leading a sedentary lifestyle and a diet high in processed foods. Exercise and a greater understanding of the implementation of nutrition will keep you fit and healthy. […]


Why does temptation always win? In today’s society, temptation is on every high street, in every supermarket and pretty much everywhere else you may think to look. In addition the abundance of tempting edibles, you also have deeply ingrained positive associations with indulging. For example: Tempting food is seen as a reward. Tempting food is […]

London Personal training

People would rather spend days on their couch than anywhere else. People who would rather have a root canal than go do a workout. Some of us have our lazy days, but more and more people are turning laziness into an occupation. What about you? Check if the following describe you: You would rather passively […]

Missing Link in Optimal Health

More and more people are getting sick, have prescription medications and need to visit the doctors more constantly. This is because they are more likely to be suffering from nutritional deficiencies and lacking from the main nutrition that you need. People always have a different opinion as to what exactly to eat for optimal health. […]

5 things that stop you from losing weight

1: You’re Mind When you want to achieve a goal, your mind is always your number 1 ally. In opposition, if your mind isn’t set for success, it’s more likely to drag your efforts down than to help you. Take the time to picture yourself looking how you’ve always wanted, and visualise yourself in that […]

24 Fitness and Fat Loss Tips

These 24 fitness and fat loss tips will get you on the right track:  Visualise yourself accomplishing your goals every day. Experience the taste of success. Increase the intensity of your workouts. Build accountability, so you resist the temptations to miss workouts. The best way to do this is by working with a personal trainer […]

What you don’t know could hurt you

Do you really know what you eat? Getting into great shape is not just down to exercise. Did you know 80% of your fitness results are attributed to your diet. Our everyday living is so fast paced compared to 30 years ago, thus making our decisions on what to eat extremely bad. Due to our […]

Your Fast-Track to a Flat Tummy and Tight Abs

Getting a flat stomach is really down to two very important concepts: 1) getting rid of the layer of fat that lies on top of the ab. 2) Tightening and toning the abdominal muscles. The following 7 tight abs tips are your golden ticket to getting those abs. Tight Abs Tip #1: Perform strength training […]