Personal Trainer Marylebone

NOT EXERCISING ENOUGH is the number one reason why a large number of people are out-of-shape. I wish I could I could personally come to every single one of you and get you off the sofa and into the gym, but there aren’t enough hours in the day. So instead I’m going to tell you […]

Personal Trainer Maida Vale

By introducing boundaries it is very important for helping you to achieve the ideal physique. Fitness Boundary One: What You Eat Eating refined, fried, processed and sugary foods are definitely not the way to go if you’re trying to achieve a healthy and fit body. So basically you need to avoid these foods at all […]


We may set goals and work hard only to find our motivation goes astray. The Two Motivators We are motivated by two things: To avoid pain (fear of failure) To gain pleasure (promise of reward) You will move towards these motivators. To know which one, remember the last time you finished a task and then […]

How to overcome overeating

The reason why people overeat here are some reasons: Habit: it’s just normal for you to eat in a learned pattern.  You choose bad choices over good ones. Attention: not paying attention to what you are eating, watching T.V. and eating, eating on the run. Something else: Sometimes food is eaten to change your mood. […]

Who To Blame

Who is to blame if you are out of shape? If you go by what advertisement companies say it is not your fault. The diets companies don’t want to put the blame on the individual.  They want to blame your cortisal level, busy lifestyle, stress instead of making you responsible for your choice. Ok there […]